Shellshocked US Marine, Hue, Vietnam Week 1

After my initial research on Mr. McCullins photo which was taken in 1968 during the battle for Hue City, Vietnam. I found that the actual title of the photo is, “Shellshocked US Marine, Hue, Vietnam”and that the Marine was awaiting transportation from the front lines, obviously due to combat stress. My research thus far has turned up nothing as to the identification of the Marine in the photo. So I have attempted to contact Mr. McCullin directly via facebook and through the associated wordpress website, I have heard no response back thus far.

What I have also found on Mr. McCullin is many of the photos he took during his time as an active combat photographer are reasons for grimacing. He is not a very fond of seeing his photos anymore, because of the feelings they evoke for him. He has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress his whole life from being in the very situations that enabled him to be such an award winning photographer.

Many of McCullin’s photos stirred up quite a bit of controversy during the times and during England’s Falkland War was the reason he was not allowed in to the combat zone to take photos. Obviously, McCullin’s work was showing a side of war that the countries involved did not want the public to see. The raw, up close, and brutal photos were showing the public the real side of war that the people back home were not allowed to see by government censorship, and media filtering.

At the age of 64, and living in Somerset, England he wishes to put those days behind him and has since focused on photos of landscapes as a means to calm his nerves. But he has said that even during his travels to photo these serene landscapes that when the local hunters fire shots it takes him back to those places of war, as gunfire is a prelude of battle for Mr. McCullin.


Interview with Archimedes Patty, OSS officer who met with Ho Chi Minh

At the link below there’s a great interview with Patti about his time with the Viet Minh during WWII in Vietnam. Do take a look around at the website; there may be sources that will be helpful to you for your papers.

Here’s what AP had to say during the interview about the Viet Minh:

[WE] parachuted into the area of Ho’s jungle headquarters which was a place called Kim Leung [unidentifiable]. And, there for the first time, we saw what kind of troops the Viet Minh were. They were a very willing, fine young nationalist, really what we used to say gung-ho type. Uh. They were willing to risk their lives for their cause, the cause of independence against the French.  And, but, they were disorganized in terms of really they would be an able group when operating as four or five individuals for one specific mission, but when it came to an organized operation such as destroying a long line of communications, they lacked the, both the weapons and the know-how.

Photo Teams as of 26 August 2013

Photo Groups:

Prisoner Execution:

Tyler Bass: Background

Jacob Morlan: Legacy

Jin Chang: Immediate Reception

Shell Shock:

Jennifer Kervian: Legacy

Blake Mooney: Background

Tyler Tummons: Immediate Reception

Saigon Evacuation:

Parker L.: Immediate Reception

Dayton Karr: Background

Darwin Campbell: Legacy


Megan Ortmeyer: Background

Kari Hanson: Immediate Reception

Deon Pettigrew: Legacy


Davin Gooch: Legacy

Rachel Millsap: Immediate Reception

Elliott Hegger: Background

Kent State:

Kelly Teel: Background

Cythenia Heslep: Legacy

Alec Presley: Immediate Reception

Reaching Out:

Chloe Cunningham: Background

Grant Brallier: Legacy

Taylor Wiseman: Reception and Impact

Jan Rose Kasmir:

Morgan Melton: Background

Chris Green: Legacy

Olivia Willoughby: Immediate Reception