Photo Teams as of 26 August 2013

Photo Groups:

Prisoner Execution:

Tyler Bass: Background

Jacob Morlan: Legacy

Jin Chang: Immediate Reception

Shell Shock:

Jennifer Kervian: Legacy

Blake Mooney: Background

Tyler Tummons: Immediate Reception

Saigon Evacuation:

Parker L.: Immediate Reception

Dayton Karr: Background

Darwin Campbell: Legacy


Megan Ortmeyer: Background

Kari Hanson: Immediate Reception

Deon Pettigrew: Legacy


Davin Gooch: Legacy

Rachel Millsap: Immediate Reception

Elliott Hegger: Background

Kent State:

Kelly Teel: Background

Cythenia Heslep: Legacy

Alec Presley: Immediate Reception

Reaching Out:

Chloe Cunningham: Background

Grant Brallier: Legacy

Taylor Wiseman: Reception and Impact

Jan Rose Kasmir:

Morgan Melton: Background

Chris Green: Legacy

Olivia Willoughby: Immediate Reception

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