Chris Green – Marc Riboud “Jan Rose Kasmir”

Marc Riboud the photographer of “Jan Rose Kasmir” was not planning to be a photographer.He original went to school studying engineering. Only after the festival of lyon did Marc decide to switch his focus to photography. As with the picture “Jan Rose Kasmir,” nearly all of Marc’s photography shows calmness in destruction.

In this photo you see a scene that seems to be common in the Vietnam photography that is hard to find in much art today.

The original story of the photo was taken at the Pentagon Demonstration. 17 year old Jan Rose Kasmir states, “I had to speak out against this horrible war” quickly she found herself face to face with multiple solders asking them to join.  “These were just young men. They could have been my date,” this statement brings you around to see that the war in Vietnam consisted of majority young adults. A horrible site for America, this image is something you would seem to see in a third world country.

It seems that the research that will be found on this image will be even more dramatic than this one image may even present. The pentagon demonstration consisted of 100,000 others marching, with their main concern being to support the end of a war that many seemed to understand was not our fight. With the military coming out in full force it is a question of why. The constitution supports the rights of these people so why is there need to encourage hostility.

Just from images that are produced and released by similar photographers show these images. It seems like more of a challenge to find the graphic pictures of the war with the over whelming amount of piece photos. Just from the small amount of research it seems that it could be showing the feelings of the majority of American civilians. Image



One thought on “Chris Green – Marc Riboud “Jan Rose Kasmir”

  1. Chris, I like that you’re asking questions about the larger political issues surrounding the photo. Good work. You do need to attend to your proofreading; there’s a number of errors here.

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