Anti-War Activists Keep Up Heat

Anti-War Activists Keep Up Heat

Five years after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, public protests continue.

I tried looking for any evidence of violence among protesters during the War on Iraq. This picture was on ABC News and was taken March 19, 2008 by Jose Luis Magana. Although it is not like the Kent State photo in the sense of the National Guard opening fire onto a crowd of college students, the police are quite forceful in escorting the protester from the front of the IRS building in Washington, D.C.

The approach I tried to take for the project was to look at some photos of protests of the War on Terror and try to get a general idea of what I might be able to find. After the class period on September 2nd, I started looking for some photos that some class members suggested and am still in the process of looking at them. The Kent State photo is a strong picture taken during an extreme time period.


One thought on “Anti-War Activists Keep Up Heat

  1. C – I edited your post and deleted your comment post after adding it to the original post. You’ll need to write longer posts to get full credit. Another thing to think about – what did the Kent State photo offer as a message to the viewer about the government, the freedom to assemble and demonstrate, circa 1970? That might be one way to begin to think about trying to find a recent photo.

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