Larry Burrows, Reaching Out, Week 1.

The “Reaching Out” photo was taken by an Englishman named Larry Burrows. Burrows was a photographer for Life Magazine who went on several trips to Vietnam to take combat photos. In 1971, he died in a helicopter crash in Laos with three other photographers.

The article I read, described Burrows as being exceptionally brave for a photographer. He was known for being very composed in combat situations, this allowed him to get photos of situations that better capture the emotions of war.

Vietnam wasn’t the only place Burrows took photos. He also took photos of a war between China and India that took place in the Himalayas. He also had assignments in Indonesia, as well as Cambodia where he took photos of the temple Angkor.

It seems from what I’ve read that Burrows had a very adventurous lifestyle. He traveled the world taking photos for Life Magazine, and lived a life that seemed to be without a dull moment.


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