Jan Rose Kasmir Post 2

As I continue to search for “Jane Rose Kasmir” in the newspaper of the time after the March on the Pentagon I am having some trouble.  I believe this is due to the fact that, like I stated before, Marc Riboud did not know the name of the girl he photographed until three decades had passed.  Clearly, without even the photographer knowing her name it was most likely not printed anywhere in the articles that came out about the awe inspiring moment.  Even though I am still trudging through articles and databases to find the original I have found a very helpful piece from the Herald Journal in 2004.  This I am sure will be of much assistance to Chris who is writing about the legacy of the photo.  However, I found much aid in the information from the article as well.  Not only did it support my prior investigations, but it also added to that data.

One of the greatest points of this article is that it briefly describes the type of impact the original picture and posting had on the public, which is precisely what I am searching for.  As I had mentioned previously, Marc Riboud found Kasmir a perfect person to photograph because she was doing something different in her protest against the war, for she was talking to the soldiers.  Kasmir was setting aside the fact that the national guards men had guns and other weapons and she was working to communicate with them as the men that they were.  In the article I found Michael Kazin, from Georgetown University, makes a point of this as he calls to mind a main reason for why the photograph had such an impact on the public.  He states it was due to there being “an effort to talk to the soldiers”; Kasmir was not merely protesting what she thought was right and believed in, but she was recognizing who the soldiers where and inviting them to become a part of her cause.

The article also discusses the relationship between Kasmir and Riboud.  In fact, in the photograph of this specific article is my group’s original research photo; however, it is not by itself.  In the article I found there is a picture of Jan Rose Kasmir holding a poster size picture of the iconic photo taken on 21 October 1967 while she is protesting the war in Iraq in London.  Even though it is a different war and a different time Kasmir is still fighting for a cause she believes in.  In addition to Kasmir being at the protest in London, Marc Riboud attended because he took the picture of her yet again.  The fact that Riboud traveled to the protest to photograph Kasmir yet again proves that his original photograph did not just have an impact on the public, but it had an impact on Jane Rose Kasmir and Marc Riboud as well.



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