Alec Presley, Kent State Post 2

In trying to find more on the impact of the picture, I found an interview the photographer, John Filo, did with CNN, did May 4 2000, which was the thirtieth anniversary of the Kent State massacre. Filo participated in the chat via-phone. The text that was posted was an edited version of the conversation.

Before the text of the conversation, there are a couple of paragraphs giving backstory on the incident at Kent State and Filo’s life after he won his Pulitzer Prize. This was what I originally wanted to find for this week, so that made me pretty happy.

During the conversation and in the preface, it is mentioned that when the shooting started that Filo was working in the student photography lab. This is a detail that was left out of the article Filo wrote that I used last week. There is a possibility his memories of the events have been distorted over the years, However, given the fact that every other detail in both sources matches up fairly evenly, it is most likely that he either forget to mention it the first time or didn’t think it was relevant.

The conversation starts with the Chat Moderator, whose name is never revealed, asking some prepared questions, and then questions from viewers. The viewer’s questions were more detailed and ultimately more helpful for my purposes. One of them, referred to as Milo, asked “Tell us about where the film was processed and under what circumstances, presumably outside of Kent?”  Filo’s response explains how he ended up taking the photos to the paper he worked for in high school, which would lead to their use in my other source.

Over the course of the conversation, Filo reveals a more cynical point of view. The reason he gives for releasing the photos were fear that the incident would be “whitewashed” by the media. He also states that he only took the photos because he thought no one would believe that something like this happened.

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