Davin Gooch, Self-Immolation Post #1

While searching for information on the background of this photo, it came to my attention that a very similar act was done in 2010. In Tunisia, an oppressive government was exerting force onto it’s citizens. As an act of defiance and pleading much the same as the one that occurred in Vietnam in 1963, Mohamed Bouazizi  set fire to himself in protest of an oppressive and unfair regime. This in turn began what we now call the Arab Spring Uprisings that still continue today. The power of this act still resounds much the same as when Thich Quang Duc did it in order to bring attention and protest similar regime actions.

In finding out this information, it brings to attention the relevancy of actions taken 50 years ago in Vietnam. It brings the action a little closer to home for those of us who were not around to experience the situation of Vietnam and how it related to the lives of Americans during that time. Finding the relation makes the point a little more personal as we are experiencing a similar time for our government and in our personal lives. It shows us how we can still relate to it today.

One thought on “Davin Gooch, Self-Immolation Post #1

  1. Davin, This is a good start. I like the idea about the Tunisia photos, but your post is too short. Remember it is not just a matter of a work count for the sake of word count. You can’t do the appropriate analysis in less than 300 words. Also where are your source links? The photo you are considering?

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