Deon Pettigrew, Lyndon B. Johnson

This week I decided to look more for the background about the photograph instead of the photographer. The main point this article is talking about is how Lyndon B. Johnson came to be president after the death of President Kennedy. It also speaks about the false information that was given about LBJ and the process of him being sworn into office.

This article speaks about how the author William Manchester published a book called “The Death of a President” and it portrayed Lyndon B. Johnson as being an insensitive and overbearing vice president when it came to the death of JFK. Manchester begins by accusing LBJ of being under the sway of the secret service and unable to make decisions. Manchester also accuses Johnson of being insensitive to John F. Kennedy’s wife and making her sit on a hot plane for an hour heading back to Washington, this accusation is made because Manchester believed that LBJ was so eager to take the oath and become president that he did not want this power to be taken away from him.

Lyndon B. Johnson denied all of these accusations along with many more and focused his first 24 hours in office on calming a shaken up and emotional United States. The United States believed that LBJ succeeded at calming down the country and they were happy and proud that Kennedy chose him as their Vice President. The main purpose for this article is that the author is trying to prove the false information of William Manchester’s book and is using information to back up how he believes that Lyndon B. Johnson was fit for the vice president position and made the right decisions when it came to him becoming the President.

My plans for next week is to find some more information about the history of the photograph and how it affected society when it was seen, I also want to get back to finding background information about the photographer Cecil Stoughton.


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