Jan Rose Kasmir

Previously I gather information about the photographer of “Jan Rose Kasmir,” Marc Riboud. I gathered information on his back ground in photograph and what got him to take this picture of Jan. Now I want to do the other side the girl in the photo Jan Rose Kasmir a women many people soon seemed to hold as almost an Idol.

Jan Rose Kasmir was 17 when this popular picture was taken, a high school student who moved in and out of foster homes.

It took Marc three decades to actually discover the true identity of the girl who was in the picture but, that being said Jan remembers the day as she recollects in an interview with James Kilgarriff, a representative of the Avalon Peace Project. In the interview Jan goes through her thoughts as she was standing there in front of the solders guns aimed. In the interview she states “We think we are encased in some kind of magic bubble that will keep us completely safe as long as I felt what I was doing was right, I felt that no harm could come to me.” Although, many students are not able to relate directly to this incident in modern age but, when comparing it to a time of annoyance with a brothers or sister teasing the idea can almost be gaps by today’s culture. Not touching someone does not mean you do not pose a threat eventually a brother or sister would retaliate in a defensive way.

Another statement that Jan mentions is that this was the first massive protest for peace exciding 100,000 people it was before Kent State, before any students had died in protest, people were frightened on both sides.

Jan mentions with insight from Marc Riboud, the soldiers were shaking as he took the photo seeming to be afraid of what might happen. Jan goes on to mention how she was greatly passionate about her cause and saw it that she had the chance to make a change. The thought process is something that is taken away from many of us as we grow up. A question that I have is why is this limit embarked on us and seemed to be placed into societies mind? Wouldn’t the true encouragement of achievements push and excel beyond the projected potential.

As I mentioned in my last blog it seems that this photo presents the view of the war by many Americans at the time. I am still unsure of where and when the photo was presented to a large audience so that is defiantly something that seems to be important in this time of the war. I think with this photo it is important to find others reactions at the other protestors and their response to these actions of the girl and the army. In the interview with Jan she says that it has been said that the rock group “Guns and Roses” based there name around this photo. These kinds of chain reactions are what seem to be especially important for the full grasp of “Jan Rose Kasmir” the photo and the women.



One thought on “Jan Rose Kasmir

  1. Chris, A good post. Keep pushing your analysis forward. I think you could have done more with the photo itself. Look at the faces of the soldiers, the contrast between the flower and the bayonets. Those interviews were good finds. Finally, please watch your proofreading.

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