Jan Rose Kasmir

After doing some some research on  the Jan Rose Kasmir photograph I have come to find that there was a lot of emotion put into this photograph. Jan Rose Kasmir was only a 17 year old girl who does not even remember how she found out about the protest at the Pentagon but knew she had to speak out against a horrible war that was going on. Jan stated in an interview that she somehow found herself face to face with these soldiers and was begging them to come join along in the protest. Jan told these soldiers that they did not really want to kill her and to join her, which is when Marc Riboud snapped the picture.

Jan commented on the sadness on her face. She knew at that moment it was simpatica, at that moment the whole rhetoric melted away. These were just young men who could even have been her date, her brother, and also victims of the whole thing. These soldiers were not way machines as they were being portrayed.

This picture of Jan Rose Kasmir which was taken on October 21, 1967 Jan is clasping a daisy in the photograph and gazing at soldiers holding bayonets out toward her. When this photo was published worldwide it became the symbol of the flower power movement.

I found more pictures of Jan on the day of the protest. Jan has her arms outstretched to the soldiers, asking them to join her. The emotion is very easy to see in these pictures. The look on Jan’s face is softer, but in a interview Jan explained she was talking to them the entire time. When looking at the soldiers in the picture it is easy to tell they seem distracted. Multiple soldiers are glancing in the direction of Jan. The look on their faces does not look threatened, although most people would not be threatened by a small girl with a flower anyways. To me the looks on their faces seems envious, that they almost wish they were on the other side.

One thought on “Jan Rose Kasmir

  1. MM, This is a good post. My first suggestion for the future is to make sure to put up your source link so everyone can see where you got your information.

    My second suggestion is to do more analysis in future posts. The end of your post does good work in reading closely into the photograph.

    My final suggestion is to be sure to show engagement with the larger project as you go forward with more posts.

    Thanks, Dr. Renoff

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