Blake Mooney – Shell Shocked Blog 3


For my third blog I found a document about Don McCullin, the photographer of “Shell Shocked”, with a very informational video about him, his works, and what he has experienced during his photo taking in Vietnam. In the video he talks about how he got started taking photographs, then he mentions how he looks at the person he is photographing and tries to “connect” with them.

         He talks about how when you go somewhere to war there is a chance that you wont make that plane that will take you home. Don goes into detail about when he was in the Battle of Hue, and when he took the photo “Shell Shocked”, he says how he thinks about that battle every night, and how it pretty much made him insane. He says that after that battle him, and every other person that was there looked the same, the same blank stare off into the distance.

         When describing this battle he does go into some gory detail, he compares it to Hollywood, how in movies there was never blood or missing body parts, just a clean death, but this was not how the actual war was. McCullin said that in Vietnam you would see body parts laying here and there and people mutilated, it is really informative in the way that he describes it, you can tell by the sound of his voice that it was something he would never want to experience again. Then he goes on to talk about how going to the war and experiencing it has made an impact on his photography today. I would really recommend watching this video, even if you are not doing the photo “Shell Shock”, because it really shows you the impact that the war in Vietnam had on the people there, and not just the soldiers that were fighting.


One thought on “Blake Mooney – Shell Shocked Blog 3

  1. Blake, Overall, this is a good post. You provide a nice summary of the video. In the future, I’d urge you to take more of an analytical approach. For example, at the end of the video he says, “I don’t want to be persecuted by myself anymore.” What do you think that means?

    In addition, how do you think this video interview fits with your larger project?

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