Controversial Combat Photos – Grant

For this week’s post, I’ll be examining controversy, regarding combat photography, which was suggested to me, by Dr. Renoff, in the comments section on my post from last week.  The controversy is over whether or not it is ethically acceptable for the photos of fallen soldiers to be published. This, of course, largely depends on the kind of photo that is being published. It seems clear that no one is upset about a normal portrait of a fallen soldier being published, but rather one that was taken of him or her in their last moments of life. Some people are creating controversy over the photos of wounded soldiers as well; this is due to the graphic nature of the photos that are often taken.

It seems obvious that no parent will ever want a photo of their son or daughter in a graphically wounded sate to be published. It certainly doesn’t seem like the type of sight that any loved one or family member would ever want to see in the first place, and these types of photos may not seem to show the fallen soldier in an honorable way. There is also the obligation of the photographers and media sources to provide an accurate image of the war, even its uglier details. I think that is extremely important because when our nation is at war, I think everyone should have an understanding of the nature of war that is as realistic as possible, so that war will never be taken lightly. However, I still think that the feelings of the family and the honor of the soldier are significantly more important than the ability of the media to use shocking images. When you consider the sacrifice that was made by such a soldier, it is only fitting that he or she be honored in such a way that his or her loved ones see fit.

One thought on “Controversial Combat Photos – Grant

  1. Grant, this is a very important issue and I’m glad you’ve taken it up. That said, this post doesn’t engage well with your larger project. How does this article shape the direction of your research project? How has it shaped your thinking on this topic? Try to make those connections in your blog posts, because in reading this post, you haven’t shown the links between this article and your photo.

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