Deon P – LBJ Taking the Oath – Week 3

This week I did research on the impact that the photograph had on the American citizens that saw in the newspaper. I used the article that Professor Renoff sent me from the Oswosso Argus-Press on November 23rd, 1963. This is a very helpful article for me because it helps towards my portion of the project which was to find out this reaction it received from Americans.

The article begins discussing the mourning by President Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline Kennedy and their son and daughter. The whole country is very sympathetic towards their family and is very sad for them and the tragedy they had to go through. The article then talks about how the country feels that they have lost their citizenship and somewhat right of freedom. They felt that if this could happen to the president then what kind of civilization are they living and felt that the whole country had to do something to prevent this from happening again.

The citizens wanted to lash out at first about the situation and the person responsible for killing the president but then began to focus on the bigger issue which was to help the country. They started to think about all the precautions they have already been doing as in helping the mentally ill and teaching children while they’re young the right things to do. In the end they did not know for sure what they had to do and still were grieving over the death of their president.

Even though this was a good article on finding out the reaction the American citizens had and the feelings they had about the photograph I still feel that I need to find more information about this topic.,2179162&dq=cecil-stoughton&hl=en


One thought on “Deon P – LBJ Taking the Oath – Week 3

  1. Deon,

    Nice job here in blogging about this newspaper article (one tiny detail – the Google date for the paper is wrong. The paper’s actual date is 23 November 1963, the day after JFK was shot.)

    In the future, though, try to provide more analysis and less summary. Your post largely restates the article; the purpose of these blog posts is to get you thinking about the historical issues raised by the photo, rather than paraphrasing articles that you found. What are your thoughts on the reactions of citizens? Did anything surprise you?

    And how does this article fit into your larger research project? How does it connect with other sources you’ve found?

    That said, you’re on the right track here.

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