Alec Presley — Kent State Post 3

This week I found an incredible group of sources in the library. The microfilms for every issue of several publications are free to look at, and from this I can print copies. Unfortunately, the printers weren’t working, so I will have to wait until next week to follow up on this.

Another source that I found was an issue of Life from May 15, 1970, a little more than a week after the incident happened. There are biographies of the students who were killed as well as a description of what occurred. There are several pictures used, but not the one I am doing the project on. However, there are several photos of the girl leaning over the body of her friend, but these photos are all taken from different angles, and appear to be taken after the iconic image was captured. It took me a while, but I eventually found out that these photos were also taken by John Filo.

The fact that they used different photos of the same girl by the same photographer, but not the iconic one is puzzling. When looking at a few issues of Rolling Stone in the library, I noticed they used a paining that recreated the iconic image. The Rolling Stone issue in question was from 1971, so the photo would have already won its Pulitzer by then, so money may have been the motivation for not using the photo. As for the issue of Life, I can’t determine why they didn’t use the photo. I want to look more into this. It may just be a question of copy write. Regardless, I need to look into this.

As for the article itself, the information is mostly stuff I already knew, but it is interesting to see it present from the point of view of the tragedy just happening. The article is preceded by one about how Nixon was under fire, and followed by one about how similar protest at Yale didn’t end in death.


One thought on “Alec Presley — Kent State Post 3

  1. Alec,

    You did make excellent progress this week with sources, but do watch your proofreading. You had misspelled your name in the post title!

    Take a look at this source:

    It notes that “The shootings at Kent State made the cover of Life, Newsweek, Time, and other popular
    publications” and that the photo was first published in the Valley Daily News & Daily Dispatch (of Tarentum and New Kensington, Ohio).

    I think you should look at those issues of Time and Newsweek in the DU library.

    Oh and I have another Life magazine article for you.

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