JENN K. – Shellshocked Marine – Post 4

This week I had one important comment left by Dr. Renoff, one though I received through Facebook. It was where he believed I could find the original posting of the photo by Don McCullin, “Shell-shocked US Marine, Hue, Vietnam” sadly I could not find the original posting. From what it seems although Mr. McCullin did present some of his photos in an article for the Sunday Times Magazine; it did not include my photo. This article ran on March 24th, 1968, just following the Tet Offensive. Due to this early release date, it is entirely possible that the magazine did not feel comfortable sharing that photograph of such a broken man, what with the known casualties. The photograph speaks too much to a sense of defeat, whereas the others while they may show more blatant violence instead seem to convey a sense of ongoing battle. I continued searching via the internet to see if I could locate the original article showing McCullin’s photograph. I have yet to find the original article, it seems instead more magazines either have reposted it, or have current articles discussing new photography shows. These shows discuss the Vietnam War, with special notes on Don McCullin’s photograph. Yet I did find a journal article discussing how the photo appeared in The New York Times, so my search has begun trying to find the infamous photo page to see if my photo appears. As my search continued, I did manage to locate an article in The New York Times, which is a page of photography by Don McCullin. I could not actually see the page yet, but I sent it in to Dr. Renoff so he can access the article and send me a PDF version to look over. I also found some immediate reactions following the Battle of Hue; I figured that these could prove to be useful later, so I sent those in as well. Next week I can include screenshots of these articles, but for the time being I am not going to include links to them because the only thing visible is the title of the article.


Journal Article Mentioning the Appearance in The New York Times:

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