Jan Rose Kasmir 3

Even though I am early into my research on the picture that Marc Riboud snapped of Jan Rose Kasmir back in 1967, I am having difficulty finding a lot of information on it. With my research prior to this I have found that Jan Rose Kasmir had not particularly planned very far in advance to attend the March at the Pentagon. Nor do I believe Jan Rose Kasmir had planned to march right up to those soldiers and begin saying what she did. In fact, I think she was quite surprised she was doing it too. In most protests, I do not believe the protesters would ever ask someone who is there to fight against them if needed, to come join them. Jan Rose Kasmir did exactly that, asking those young boys to take a stand with her and fight for what is right.

I believe it would take a brave person to do what Jan Rose Kasmir did in the first place and I do not think I am brave enough to do as she did either. For a 17 year old girl in 1967 to have that kind of bravery is remarkable. Most teenagers today would not even know about any kind of protest on war unless it was right in their faces and they still then would not know exactly what the protest is about.

A piece of information I am trying to find is whether Jan Rose Kasmir ever saw the photo of her published which caused her to become more of a peace activist. I have not been able to find out yet if Jan Rose Kasmir went to any protests and displayed this same type of behavior. Whether this behavior was a one time thing or she did display that behavior at other protests, Marc Riboud captured a beautiful moment of a young woman trying to spread peace.


One thought on “Jan Rose Kasmir 3

  1. Morgan,

    A few things here. Are you aware that your teammate has been emailing Jan Rose Kasmir?

    Second, do you have evidence for your claim that she hadn’t planned to go up to the soldiers? That may be true, but has she said that anywhere that you can point to as a source?

    Third, you should be focusing on the 1967 protest at the Pentagon for your paper. Recall that your paper is on the “background” part of the JRK photo. How did this historical moment come to be? While the photo should be part of what you discuss in your paper, I have yet to see you really center on why tens of thousands of people descended on the Pentagon. That’s the key here. What caused the protest to happen?

    If you have questions, be sure to come see me in my office this week.

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