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I recently researched into a newspaper posting suggesting by Dr. Grenoff. It was from the Pittsburgh Press on February 26, 1977, over nine years after the Vietnam War ended. Just like the NY Times it is very critical of Loan and his actions.  The paper starts off by giving a brief description of what happened on the event and gives a report that right after the shot Loan throws his head back and laughs. The article states that newspapers all across the nation editorialized “Is that what we are fighting for?” What they say next is particular disturbing. They go on about how the photographer, Eddie Adams, talks about how bad this picture was for Loan and his career and how Adams felt like he destroyed Loan’s career. After they make it quite obvious that this picture made America very critical of Loan and his actions they deliberately state that Loan is living in America and exactly where he lives and what he does for a living. The paper states “He is now a restaurateur in a shopping center near this northern Virginia community. He reportedly is also a secretary-clerk with a Washington business.” Later in the paper they even admit he works in a pizzeria! Why would they put so much effort into this description? To me this appears like a direct stab at trying to bring down Loan. By giving up his location they are inviting discriminators to terrorize Loan’s life. In another source (again provided by Dr. Renoff) it describes the relation between Loan and Adams. It reports how once Adams visited Loan at his restaurant. “He was like a freak show. People had figured out who he was.” Adams recalled, “going into the bathroom in his restaurant and reading some graffiti on the wall. Someone had written, ‘We know who you are, you f—.’” The source also tells how the pizzeria didn’t last very long after people found out who the owner was. In my opinion, the Pittsburgh Press should be partly to blame for this; they contributed to Loan going out of business and the ruining of his life in America.




2 thoughts on “Tyler Bass Blog Post

  1. Tyler,

    A good post with some thoughtful analysis. The one thing I’d be looking for here is more of a sense of how this article fits with your larger research project. In other words, try to give me a sense of the contours of the overall direction your research is taking.

  2. Tyler,

    Interesting research. I know that you analyzed what the article says and even mention how the public reacted to the ideas. The public reacted strongly to this information because of course the information they have received from the media created a bias against Loan. My question to you is to ask why the Pittsburgh Press would agree to post this article. Obviously many people saw the article before it’s printing. So think of how these editors and other various individuals responded, and whether or not they edited the article to show this more blatant bias against Loan. If the editors did not change the article much then notice the bias of the author, although it is very possible that they edited it rather thoroughly to include certain information to cause a strong public reaction. How would they benefit by sharing the personal information of Loan? Did sensationalism play a role in the printing of private information?

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