Deon P- Reactions to JFK assassination

This week I took the advise of Professor Renoff and tried to focus more on analyzing the information as a whole and seeing its connection towards the historical issues instead of summarizing it. i also wanted to make sure I found connections to my research project and what it has to do with my section of the project. I found two sources which are Youtube videos that give me good examples on how the U.S. citizens responded to the death of president Kennedy.

The good thing about these videos is that they do not just talk about the reactions of the U.S. citizens but it actually shows interviews that these people were given so you can see their actual reactions and response in person and at the moment. This helps me a lot with my portion of the project because I am required to find out what the U.S. citizens feelings and responses towards JFK’s death and LBJ’s new position as president were. Majority of every single person had the same feeling towards the tragedy which can be described in one word “shocked”. Every person seemed to be devastated and in disbelief of what had happened to their president, some citizens also had the feelings of hatred and wanted the government to do things to make sure that it did not happen again.

I am not surprised at all with these reactions because I feel that there is no way a person could go through this kind of tragedy and not have any feelings of hate, devastation, or shock towards the situation. I believe that at the time the citizens did not know which way their country was going to go and felt helpless. These responses that are to be expected when you lose the leader of your country.

I think that these videos helped me a lot in grasping the feelings that U.S. citizens had at the moment of Kennedy’s death and the reactions they had towards the devastating situation.


One thought on “Deon P- Reactions to JFK assassination

  1. Deon,

    This is a good post. I want to make sure you understand though, that your paper’s focus should be on the legacy of the photo. The reactions of Americans in 1963 to the killing of JFK is important, but you should be looking now for an event that seemed to echo the killing of JFK in later years, as in later decades.

    I’m interested in having you find a photo that captures a similar situation or raised similar feelings in the minds of Americans. We haven’t had a major politician assassinated in quite a long time, but one idea I have for you is the killings of the Mayor of SF and City Supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978.

    Come see me on Wed. in my office and we can work on this.

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