Jan Rose – Chris Green – 3

Though out my blogs I have found very valuable information. Information that has brought me to have a greater understand of what happening on October 21, 1967. On this day Marc Riboud the photographer of Jan Rose Kasmir took a photo that became nearly incomparable to any others of its time. Jan Rose Kasmir 17 years of age stood in front of the military men with their guns loaded and bayonets aimed. Jan, attempting to get the men to join their cause to stand against war; unknowing that this day would be the largest protest of its time and would be the start of the violent acts against protestors. This protest would be known as the “March of the Pentagon” (Smithsonian magazine).

Jan Rose Kasmir and Marc had no contact after the famous photo “Jan Rose Kasmir” was taken. After more than 30 years a French newspaper was able to track down Jan as mentioned in Smithsonian magazine. Marc, finally in contact with Jan Kasmir decided to follow her to a protest in London for the war against terror, February 2003. This protest held in the United Kingdom was said to be over two million people labeling it as the biggest protest ever displayed.

Jan came to the UK protest against war carrying her famous photo from October 1967 anti-war gathering; on the photos it read “war peace!”30 years later still standing against what she believed in. this new photo that Marc and Jan took 30 years later did not get the same attention that it did in the 60’s but, it does say a lot about the two of them and their beliefs.

Many of us now were either in Elementary School or middle school on September 11, 2001 and you can ask nearly any person about that day if it were from home, school or ground zero before it all there was peace. It may have been in concern of another Vietnam war that left Americas men and women in shambles or it could be the concern that a fight is not the answer and all it leads to is more blood from men who are unsure what they are walking into with a one concern supporting America. As the gruesome pictures are being discovered from the war that many people could not point out on a map.

With this data that Dr. Renoff help me to find it has lead me to discover a greater part of this original photo taken. For both Jan and Marc it shows that the fame was not the concern as much as it was a stand against war. To see them both reunited 30 years later at the largest war protest in the UK standing against war, brings me to thoughtfully understand her during the stand against war in 1967.





One thought on “Jan Rose – Chris Green – 3

  1. Chris,

    It’s good to see your research heading in this direction. Like I said in my office, the 2003 London protest is the right focus for your paper. I’d like to see you get as much information as possible about the protest going forward, with of course an emphasis on Kasmir holding the 1967 photo of herself.

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