Megan Ortmeyer – “LBJ taking the oath of office” Post 3

This week, in continuing my research, I sought out information on Judge Sarah T. Hughes.  Judge Hughes administered the oath of office to Lyndon B. Johnson, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Dr. Renoff’s lecture).  I found some information on her background on the State Bar of Texas website, but the most important research I came across this week was an interview of Judge Sarah T. Hughes.

The interview has almost everything I am looking for about her.  Judge Hughes discusses how she became a district judge for Dallas.  She also describes where she was at and what she was doing when the heard that President Kennedy was being taken to the hospital.  Furthermore, she speaks about how she was told that she would be swearing Lyndon B Johnson into office and why she was specifically called and not one of the other two district judges.  Most importantly, in the article she talks about what she was thinking when she was on her way to the airport to administer the oath.  She gives crucial details about her short moments on the plane delivering the oath.  She even mentions that the type of Bible used for the oath was a Catholic Bible.

This is the most exciting research I have uncovered so far because it is actually her word for word account of how she ended up on the plane.  Although many would focus primarily on how the assassination of President John F. Kennedy took place and then how LBJ ended up on the plane as the background for the LBJ taking the oath photo, it is also vitally important to understand how the other people present ended up there.  It is important to understand some of Judge Sarah Hughes background in order to understand how she ended up as a judge and, thus, on Air Force One that November day in 1963.  Everyone on that plane, when LBJ took the oath of office, has a story of how he/she ended up there that ties into the bigger picture of the background of the photo.  Her thoughts surrounding the event are crucial because by knowing someone’s thoughts that was present, one is able to look at the photo in a new light, and better understand how one should feel when looking at this photo.  Also, by reading her account of how she ended up there, it helps pull one into the photo.

This interview piece will definitely add a crucial element to my paper.  For next week, the books I ordered should be in which will help me to further my research.  I would also like to dive into research on Mrs. Kennedy, and what she must have been thinking while Lyndon B. Johnson took the oath of office.



One thought on “Megan Ortmeyer – “LBJ taking the oath of office” Post 3

  1. Megan,

    This is really excellent work.

    One thing you might also research is the trip to Dallas in general. Why did the First Lady come along? Surely she didn’t travel everywhere with the President?

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