JENN K. – Shellshocked Marine – Post 5

For this week, I received a book from Dr. Renoff that for the time being will be used as the first printing of the photo for my group “Shell-shocked US Marine, Hue, Vietnam”. This book The Concerned Photographer 2 has examples of various photographers’ work including Marc Riboud, although his photo of Jan Rose Kasmir is not included in this book. Each section of the book is separated by photographer, in the beginning of each section the photographer includes a quote relating to his work. The author also includes an introduction to each photographer’s work. Usually this introduction includes a general progression of the photographer’s life and work.

Don McCullin’s quote at the beginning of his section speaks volumes about how he identifies with his work. It reads, “I only use the camera like I use a toothbrush. It does the job,” (Capa 103). For McCullin his emphasis on the story of the photograph transcends the tools he uses, he does not create photography, he merely makes it possible to share these images with many people. That is why when looking at his images people react so strongly. For the legacy of this photo, one can see the impact via the many times that McCullin’s photography has been shown in newspapers, magazines, museum exhibitions, and books.

As time continues, I will look for more photos to relate to this photograph during this weekend. I have a few different ones that I have located already. One cannot be used because it is from the Vietnam War as well. This photo is the 173rd Airborne Division, coming off the Battle of Dak To in 1967. This photograph shows the same shell-shocked gaze found in Don McCullin’s photo. Oddly, enough this photograph is earlier than McCullin’s which came out of the Tet Offensive. Attached below this is the aforementioned photo. I hope that next week I will have more examples of similar photos from the War on Terror.

Troops 173rd Airborne Coming Off Duty Central Highlands (Battle of Dak To 1967)


Capa, Cornell, eds. The Concerned Photographer 2. New York: Grossman Publishers, 1972.


One thought on “JENN K. – Shellshocked Marine – Post 5

  1. Jenn,

    Great work. Recall that Michael Herr discusses the Battle of Dak To in Dispatches. I’d suggest you re-read that because if memory serves, he talks about shell shocked soldiers who fought in that battle.

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