Blake Mooney – Shell Shock blog 6

For this blog I found a video filmed over the battle of Hue by CBS news. This is the battle before the picture was taken, the video does not cover the whole battle but it does show you the importance of the battle. Videos like these are really informational in the way that you actually get to see the fighting that they had to go thru, but since it was a news cast you don’t really get to see the worst of it. The video talks about the marines fighting in Hue and the tactics they had to use and change to accommodate the different scenery. This video will be helpful in my research process, by informing me about the extent of the battle.

In the beginning of the video it mentions how on the 5th day of the battle the marines have to move out of their compound into abandoned buildings that were previously Hue University. I couldn’t imagine the fear of being pushed out of your fortified camp into some old abandoned buildings hoping it will be enough cover to keep you alive. Later on the news reporter was talking to a Colonel about the objective they are about to do, and what type of fighting they are doing. The Colonel tells the reporter that they are going to clear out some buildings, he says, “we will be fighting from house to house and room to room.” The Colonel mentions that it will be street fighting, and that it is his first time to do it, also that a lot of the marines were not used to this type of fighting. Another thing he talks about is that if they run across civilians in these buildings, they will probably be killed. He says, if there’s anyone in there right now, they are Charlie as far as were concerned.”

The thought of knowing the enemy has the upper hand with the fighting would play a heavy toll on your mind and actions. The fear these marines had after being ran out of their camp, and now having to fight in the streets and buildings; where they have not been trained, would be unimaginable. Then on top of that fear, they are told to pretty much kill whoever they see in these buildings. Devastation could take its toll really quick in a battle like this.




2 thoughts on “Blake Mooney – Shell Shock blog 6

  1. Blake, Good work with this post. There’s quite a few great books on the Battle of Hue and the Tet Offensive more generally. You should seek them out.

    Otherwise, nicely done.

  2. Blake, Good post. I thought it was a good point to bring to light that the fighting the Marines had done in Hue, was up to that point, not a fighting style that the Marine Corps trained them for because of previous wars being primarily fought by the Marines were in the rural areas of the globe and various battlefronts. But perhaps you could draw on more of that fact for your next post. I know that when I was in my school of infantry and the Non-Commisioned Infantry officers schools and programs they would frequently refer back to Hue as the event that led the Marine Corps to research and ultimately develop the MOUT (Military Operation in Urban Terrain)training program which is now part of an infantry Marines basic knowledge foundation and specialties. Perhaps the military commanders looked to the future of warfare from Vietnam on and realized that following the complications that Hue presented that future battles would not be fought in just the jungles, and the hills, but also in cities with civilian populations. And the problems would need to be ironed out and handled on the individual level of each combat leader in the field. Hope this helps, and if I can help out at all do not hesitate to ask.

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