Jan Rose Kasmir – Chris Green #4

Going through the emails that Olivia was able to forward to me form her conversation with Jan Rose Kasmir, it has really been able to bring out the emotion and care of Jan Rose Kasmir. As I read through all the emails and she broke down her life from the age of 12 on to present day it really clears up the reason why she was at the protest in 2003 holding her picture from 67’ and Marc behind the lens.

A quote I found really interesting pulled directly from Jan Rose Kasmirs email says “My photo has appeared all over the world. It is featured in the current edition of Vanity Fair Magazine. It has hung in the Smithsonian, and appeared in their magazine, Life, Look, Le Monde, it has been reproduced in Legos, and appeared in a video loop with 59 other photos chosen by Kodak and shown in Times Square to welcome the millennium change.” She fully understand that her free spirit and care for peace has help future generation understand protest. A great deal benefit came to the public from this photo but, it seems to have shaped Jan’s life dramatically more.

Jan explains how most people saw protest then was dramatically different then it is today. She explains that most people saw protesters as anti-America when it was the total opposite. What Jan did in 67’ seems to have given a type of gateway for many other Americans to speak up and state there protest; protest have clearly shown all around the world and has left a great mark could you say any less.

I mention in an earlier blog that she seem to have had the opportunity to grow into whatever she wanted with no one to interrupt. “I have served through volunteer work – starting with working at a senior facility as a candy striper at 12.  I got sober in AA at 28 and dedicated 10 years to starting and leading groups in institutions for both adults and juveniles – mostly prisons. My recovery from bulimia inspired me to start the first Overeater’s Anonymous Group for Anorexics ad Bulimics in Washington, DC in the 80’s” (kasmir).  This quote alone helps you see the shaping factor of her in 67’ and in 03’. Although exposed to the most life changing moments she seemed to have gained something from that photo taken in 67 than most who may view it after.

She may have seen that the great struggles she went through effect many others, many others that do not get the same opportunity to change it as she gets. So what does the photo from 03’ show; it shows her dedication and care to show that a war 40 years ago got us nowhere and this will do the same. Her standing there in that crowd with the photo would hope to get the unknowing to remember or understand things go bad sometimes but you can change that and help others understand why.


All are direct quotes from Jan Rose Kasmir sent to Olivia Willoughby via email


One thought on “Jan Rose Kasmir – Chris Green #4

  1. Chris, there’s some really thoughtful insights here. Nice job. Now, going forward, I’d like to see you start to think about how JRK’s actions at the Pentagon and the famous photo of her shaped and influenced her decision to go to London to protest the Iraq Invasion. Do you think she felt that it was her duty to do so, in light of her high profile role in the 1967 protest? Ask her! 🙂

    Ask questions along those lines and I think you’ll have the basis for a great paper.

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