Megan Ortmeyer – “LBJ taking the oath” Post 4

This week, after working with Dr. Renoff, I have acquired more information on the background and context of my picture.  I have decided that my main focus for the paper will be around Judge Sarah T. Hughes and her experience leading up to and during the swearing in of Lyndon B. Johnson.

I have found a short YouTube video with Sarah T. Hughes talking about the incident.  It also has the voice recording of Judge Hughes and LBJ as he is taking the oath of office.  Furthermore, on this YouTube video there were other pictures shown that were taken aboard Air Force One that day.  This is very helpful because I was able to actually hear, in Judge Hughes’s own voice, some of the accounts of that day.  Also, since it had more pictures one could better get a grasp of just how many people were present on the plane for the oath, and the facial expressions and tension in the stances of those present.

Also, I have been able to read two articles, both from the New York Times, that give LBJ’s account of the incident on November 22, 1963.  The first one was an official testimony of the incident to the U.S. chief justice while the other was an article formed by excerpts from LBJ’s memoirs.  These are vitally important because one is able to better understand the events of the day since it is told by someone who as actually let alone the Vice President.  Most importantly, however, LBJ talks about how he felt during the entire ordeal so one is better able to understand the tension of the day, and what everyone else on board must have been feeling.

Furthermore, I have read, in the Los Angeles Times, an obituary about Judge Sarah T. Hughes death on April 23, 1985.  This is important because it touches on the close relationship between the Johnson’s and Sarah T. Hughes.

In order to further my research in weeks to come, I will be ordering a copy of an interview with Sarah T. Hughes from the University of North Texas Oral History Program.  Also, the book I ordered entitled, That Day In Dallas, just came in so I will be diving into that next week.


Folkart, Burt A. 1985. “Fateful Flight from Dallas Sarah T. Hughes, the Judge Who Swore in Johnson, Dies.” “Los Angeles Times”, Apr 25.

Johnson, Lyndon. 1964. “Testimony Given By the President”. “New York Times”, Nov. 24.

Johnson, Lyndon. 1971. “By Lyndon B. Johnson: The Vantage Point.  By Lyndon B. Johnson: Perspectives of Presidency, 1963-69”.  “New York Times”, Oct. 17.


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