Passing the Torch: Kent State Efforts Handed to Modern Activists – Helsep

I couldn’t really think of any connections to the Virginia Tech shooting that really stood out to me, aside from both being a tragic event that occurred on a college campus. Instead I started looking at any possible connections between the England Protest of 2003 and other anti-war protests toward the Iraq war and the Kent State Massacre. Although the anti-war protests of the Iraq war were not violent and led to such extreme measures as the Kent State Massacre portrayed, they were still major and of a global spectrum instead of just one nation.

The England Protest of 2003 was the largest demonstration ever held in the United Kingdom. In multiple cities of the United Kingdom, thousands of people had gathered in a share ideal. The UK Prime Minister did not recognize the protest even though it was clear what the majority of the people thought about his decisions. Prime Minister Blair’s reaction was that he did not “seek unpopularity as a badge of honour but sometimes it is the price of leadership and the cost of conviction” (BBC News). Similar reactions towards President Bush and United States’ involvement in Iraq is evident in large peace rallies. The same day of the England Protest, peace rallies and protests in America were implemented. An anti-war demonstration was practiced in New York City and had just an outstanding turnout as the one in the United Kingdom had received. The rally in America was more of a passing-of-the-torch sort of thing between the older generation of activists from the sixties to the new and youthful generation that was against Iraq. According to NBC News, “That depth of commitment beyond the fad of a peace rally is exactly what the older generation of activists is counting on to carry the movement forward”.


One thought on “Passing the Torch: Kent State Efforts Handed to Modern Activists – Helsep

  1. CH,

    A good post, although you need to watch your tenses and proofreading (share[d] ideal.)”

    Chris Green, your classmate, is also working on the London Protest from 2003. Why don’t you get together with him and see about sharing sources?

    And you should start zeroing in now on your larger paper’s structure and think about how each post/source fits with the overall direction of your research.

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