Week 2 “Shellshock”- Don McCullin Post 2 – Tyler T.

From the research I have done so far, I have not found any evidence that the photo itself made media headlines in the US or anywhere else during the conflict of Vietnam. It was however, said to have been printed later, and has since epitomized the brutal effect war has on the individual soldier on the battlefield. From what I have found up to this point, the photo wasn’t published during the conflict of Vietnam for censorship reasons, as to not sway the already negative public opinion of the conflict on the headlines and front pages of the major news agencies. I have also found that the photo was copyrighted by the Victoria and Albert Museum, leading me to believe that the photo was in fact first published in the museums rather than magazines or newspapers, but this is of course an assumption on my part.

The name of the Marine I have not been able to find in my research thus far, but do know that he was part of the 5th Marine Regiment during the Battle for Hue, and the Regiment lost 70 men with another 300 wounded in two weeks of fighting. During the two weeks of fighting US warships and phantom bombers shelled the city and surrounding area from 17 miles away with napalm and other heavy bombs just streets away from McCullin and the Marines.

Since 1968 the photo has been printed in many different magazines and websites, and has recently been entered in the UK’s Imperial War Museum in London in October of 2012 along with 250 other photos, and memorabilia from Don McCullins in honor of his work from WWII to the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.





One thought on “Week 2 “Shellshock”- Don McCullin Post 2 – Tyler T.

  1. Tyler,
    A nice post. I’m still working on finding out if the photo was ever published in the London Sunday Times magazine. I’m also very interested in this idea that it may have been shown in museums soon after Tet.

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