Writer: LBJ changed “in a moment” after JFK death- Deon Pettigrew

This week i found an article and video on CBS This Morning that discussed about a writer who wrote a book on the swearing in of Lyndon B. Johnson and his behavior during that time period. I find this interesting because even though I am not finding the reactions of American citizens at the this time and how they felt about President Kennedy being assassinated, I am finding information on the actual president who was sworn in. The best thing that I would have to take away from this video is that they described the exact emotions of Lyndon B. Johnson that I picked up from him when I looked at the actual photo of him being sworn in. It was the reactions and emotions that I would expect of any Vice President who would suddenly have to be in charge of the country.

They speak of President Johnson becoming a new president and a new leader right after President Kennedy’s death. At first he was a little in a shock and distraught at the events that taken place but then all of sudden became the leader that he needed to be in order to run the country. I believe that President Johnson felt as if the the state of the country was riding on his shoulders and he had to step into place and lead them as a Vice President is supposed to do. I did not fully know what feelings to pick up from the picture of him being sworn in because he had a very straight face that gave me a mixture of emotions. I did not know whether to take it as in seeing a Vice President that is too shocked to even know what to do in the situation or to take it as someone who has accepted the responsibility of becoming the new president and leader of the United States. This video helps me clarify that and actually know what President Johnson was feeling and his reaction and that time.

Even though I feel that this video has helped me discover more information about what is going on in the picture and has helped me pick up a small vibe of that environment I am still trying to find out how the American citizens felt when seeing the actual in picture in a newspaper or anywhere else. I am finding it difficult to find these reactions of them when they saw Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in because the articles are majority just about how they felt about the tragedy and the situation itself but I am still going to continue searching for them.


One thought on “Writer: LBJ changed “in a moment” after JFK death- Deon Pettigrew

  1. Deon,

    There’s certainly a huge number of articles that reflect on the death of JFK. Start here and then look at the three issues of Life Magazine that follow this issue:




    I think if you look through them that you’ll also see that there are Americans who commented about the LBJ presidency and what it would mean for America.

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