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For this blog I found a website called “Vets With a Mission”. I found a document that talks about one man in particular, Alfredo Gonzalez, at the Battle of Hue, and how great of a war hero he was considered to be. This document goes into detail talking about some of the battles him and his platoon was in and how he and the others reacted when things were going bad. This document gives you a great understanding of how these guys would put themselves in danger to help one of their fellow members.

Alfredo Gonzalez was the Sergeant of the 3rd Platoon going into the Battle of Hue. It says that he was 21 years old and commanding this platoon, it would take one hell of man to command a platoon in a war at 21 years of age. I know for a fact that at 21 I would not have been able to do that, this definitely lets you know that these men were shaped by this tragic war. It talks about how as a kid Gonzalez would watch John Wayne war movies, and he would tell his mother that he wanted to be a marine just like him, by him growing up watching these movies and wanting to be like these marines probably fueled his success and got him where he was, but I would say even though that is what he wanted, he probably didn’t want to be in the situations he was in at the age of 21.

In one segment a man in his platoon is talking about how during the war Gonzalez was a very large man, he says, “he was the big one”. After the war the man saw a picture of him beside Gonzalez and was in awe of how much bigger he was than Gonzalez. The man says, “I’m 6 feet 2 inches tall”, Gonzalez was significantly smaller, but even the biggest men in the platoon looked him up to. These men would do anything for him and want nothing in return; in the end of this document it talks about the last battle him and his platoon were in when Gonzalez died. As soon as he was down one of his men immediately stopped what he was doing to drag him to safety. The war played a huge roll in these kids/men’s life, I definitely think that if you were a kid going in you weren’t going to make it, or you were going to come out as a man. Everyone had to have everyone’s back to survive, and this platoon definitely did.


One thought on “Blake Mooney – Shell Shocked blog 7

  1. Blake, This is a good post. There are a couple of typos; do watch for them. My other comment is that I want to start getting a sense of what the core of your research focus will be for your paper. While this individual’s story is compelling, what I want to know is how this piece of evidence fits in the bigger project.

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