Deon P.- “LIFE, John F. Kennedy”

This week I used the Google Book links that Professor Renoff gave me and I found that they were very beneficial in helping me find out how the country was recovering to the death of their president John F. Kennedy and the type of economy that it came to be. There are even articles and comments of people who were close to the President and they spoke about how life after his death was.

In a letter from the publisher, C.D. Jackson speaks about how LIFE magazine basically turned into a magazine about President JFK because of all the coverage it was doing on his death. He speaks how LIFE magazine was doing the job it had always done which was to give the most exciting and monumental coverage it could. It showed the calming and happy photographs of President Kennedy and his family but it also showed the gruesome side of the incident and displayed the actual photographs of him being shot. I can only imagine the reactions of the American citizens when they saw these photographs of the actual tragedy and they had to relive these moments in their head. They could not get away from the news if they tried because although it was in magazines it was also all over the television and on the radio and many Americans were completely stunned at the moment.

There were two articles done in LIFE Magazine done by a managing editor named George P. Hunt. I feel that he did a good job on expressing how new life in the White House was going and portraying the type of vibe it now had due to the loss of its current president. He talks about how when President Kennedy so was the spontaneous and exciting mood that the White House always had. Many people appreciated these articles they put out and demanded more but some people were not as pleased with it as others. I feel that is because people handle the deaths of people very differently especially of a powerful figure-head such as a president. Certain citizens wanted to know more about the tragedy and the truth behind and what the government was planning on doing to move forward and help the economy. Other Americans could have possibly so hurt by the tragedy that they could not help but be displeased when seeing news and judgment on what had happened to President Kennedy. I think that this reaction is completely understandable and should be expected when suffering a huge loss.

I believe that these articles helped me get a better sense of how the country was reacting towards the death of their president and how the economy changed after it. It seems that although the death of Kennedy was highly mourned they economy also began to move on and pick themselves up. Many of the articles and pictures look the same as before the death of the president. I feel that the moving on of the country was highly due to the attitude of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

One thought on “Deon P.- “LIFE, John F. Kennedy”

  1. Deon, Other than a couple of minor typos, this is an excellent post. Nice job working through these sources. I’m looking forward to hearing and reading more of your posts and working with you as you finish the paper.

    Keep up the good work!

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