Jan Rose Kasmir Blog Post 6

This week has been a little cramped, both with furthering my research and communicating with Jan Rose. However, as Dr. Renoff has previously commented I am getting to the point where I have quite a bit of information but I still have not made any sure-footed step in a particular direction. With that said, I am in the midst of planning out what shape my final paper will take in regards to many focus points and important information to include. By the time I receive the next email from Jan Rose I will have a meticulously thought out plan of what more I would like to learn and just how in depth I should be about particular topics, for instance I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge about her and Riboud’s relationship.
In addition to the relationship between Marc and Jan Rose I have received some rather disheartening news in relation to Marc Riboud. Jan Rose informed me in a short email that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and his dementia is fairly severe at this point in his life. She told me in the email that I could try to email his wife, but not only did she say I would most likely not hear back I also do not wish to disturb her and their family. Beside the point of hearing of his illness what struck me the most from her short email was the fact that she said she has had to face the fact that she will probably never see him again. This is not only a saddening statement, but it leads me to believe that over the years her and Riboud became somewhat more than a photographer and the girl in the picture. I am anxious to hear how close they truly were. In a few posts previous to this I wrote in regard to a newspaper article I found which included a picture of Jan Rose in London protesting the Iraq war, and Marc Riboud was the photographer of that photo. I discussed how curious I was about whether they were friends or had ever discussed much about this iconic picture, which has had an impact on both of their lives. So, this is definitely an aspect I wish to receive and find enough information about to create a large space in my paper for.
In other news, Dr. Renoff let me borrow his look magazine from 30 December 1969. It is “A Special Look Bonus an Unbelievable Decade: The Sixties;” therefore, with the photo of Jan Rose Kasmir there is no article discussing it more in depth. Yet solely being able to see a true publication of the photo is phenomenal. Also, it proves just how iconic the photo was by the photo directly next to it is of the first footprints on the moon.
I am waiting eagerly to possibly set up a time to skype with Jan Rose Kasmir in the near future so I can really get into the information I most deeply desire for my research and paper. With everyday comes new finds and evidence.

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 8.47.40 PM


One thought on “Jan Rose Kasmir Blog Post 6

  1. Oliva,

    I am working on finding any articles in Look magazine that discussed Vietnam war protests in 1968-1969. Good work on this post. I hope you and Chris will be able to Skype with her soon.

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