Megan Ortmeyer – “LBJ taking the oath” Post 5

This week I have focused mainly on looking through the book I ordered, entitled That Day In Dallas, by Richard B. Trask.  This book is full of photos that Cecil W. Stoughton, James P. Altgens, and Jim Murray took during John F. Kennedy’s and Lyndon B. Johnson’s visit to Dallas, Texas.

By pulling all three photographers photos together, the pictures basically walk you through the entirety of the trip with explanations of what is occurring in each shot.  It also gives more specific details about how Cecil W. Stoughton came to be on the plane and take the picture; including dialogue between Stoughton and various people.

Some of the photographs display witnesses to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  This is important because one can clearly see the agony and horror on the people’s faces; which can lead one to better understand what it would have been like to be present on that day.  Good photographs are supposed to speak to people’s emotions so it is best to understand the background and how people were feeling in order to truly understand the significance of the photograph.

The book includes the photograph my paper is focused around, along with fifteen other photos inside the Air Force One stateroom as well.  This is very beneficial because one can kind of see the interactions between people before my research photograph and after my research photograph was taken.  It also has Cecil W. Stoughton’s account of taking the pictures and his account of the happenings in the cabin.  He talks about where everyone is standing and how quiet the cabin was during the oath.  It is vital to understand the different viewpoints when looking at such a historical photograph.

Next week the interviews with Sarah T. Hughes that I ordered will hopefully come in.  Those interviews will most likely be the key in my research project.


Trask, Richard B. That Day In Dallas. Danvers, Massachusetts: Yeoman Press, 1998.



One thought on “Megan Ortmeyer – “LBJ taking the oath” Post 5

  1. Megan,

    This is excellent all around. I’m very happy to hear that the interview is on its way to you and that you’ve made such good use of this book.

    Keep up the good work!

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