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In a previous blog the protest held in the UK, February 2003 was said to be the biggest ever held in the UK; estimating two million attended from organizers estimations (CNN).  Once again Jan Rose showed up to this event. Although I am unable to get a quote directly from Jan Rose at the time the questions that I will be asking her will be asked of her feelings of that protest compared to the one in the 60’s and why Marc Riboud was the one to take the picture. “I have had to accept the fact that I will probably never see home again” (JRK). The previous quote was taken from an email received from Jan Rose Kasmir, within the context it mentions how Marc now suffers with the horrible disease of Alzheimer’s although, I am thrown off by the end of the quote “never see home again” unsure if she meant “him” or if when he took the pictures they meant more than just a picture but a photo that brings her back to what she came from. “There are other pictures of me – there is me as Jesus Christ if you have seen some of the other photos that Marc did; I felt like I was being crucified. At the moment Marc captured that photo – Marc is a Peace Pilgrim as well, he was in the French resistance, he has quite a remarkable history for peace” (JRK) this excerpt is taken from

In Jan’s interview with Avalon, Jan mentions why she was in London, “When I heard that, the war in Iraq was impending. The reason I went to London to protest was because there it was, Vietnam all over again” (JRK). It seems that she may have wanted Marc to be there to show the world once again the repetitiveness. This could be the reason she asked Marc to take the photo one again, both Jan and Marc hoping it would reach a large community and help the war enthused rethink their actions.


One thought on “Post 5 – JRK

  1. Chris,

    I’m looking forward to hearing how your conversations/emails with JRC turn out. I think one thing you should think about is asking her to directly compare the Vietnam War to the Iraq War. Did she think they were equally unjust wars? Get her to speak about WHY she felt so inspired that she got on a plane and went to the UK. And how did the meeting with Marc R. factor into all of this?

    A good post on the whole; watch your proofreading and work to consider your project as a whole going forward in your posts.

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