Darwin Campbell – Saigon Evacuation- Post 5

This week I have been attempting to find the correlation between the Iraq evacuation, and the evacuation of Vietnam.  So far I have yet to find to much of a similarity in the leaving.  When the troops left Vietnam, the fear was palpable.  People throwing themselves into wire fortifications to attempt to climb over.  Fighting to get onto birds to get out.  Flying helicopters loaded with their families and other evacuees out over open ocean with only a faint idea or hope that someone was out there to help them. Most of the birds running out of fuel just as they arrive to the American ships.  I have yet to read anything that shows this same fear and angst.

What I have found however is the similarities of the war itself.  The President of the United States in both instances were willing to stay until the battle was over, but other political issues drew the troops out.  Also in both instances it was a President started the war, and was unable to finish the conflict before another president takes over and pulls the troops out.

One thing that stands out in an article I read is what President Bush said “The enemy in Vietnam had neither the intent nor the capability to strike our homeland. The enemy in Iraq does.”  I think this should be a differentiating factor for any that consider the similarities to be too much and that both wars are a loss.  In Iraq we removed bad people that were committing unspeakable atrocities against the people.  We may have not completed our full intent in the Iraq war, but we did good things, and we attempted to make it a much better place.  I would argue that we accomplished more than most thought possible.

The second article makes an interesting argument.  What if the problems that Obama is dealing with in Syria are because he pulled out of Iraq?  The airspace over Iraq is now free and controlled by Iran, who is flying in weapons etc to Syria.  Something to think on and look into further.



I don’t know if this will do anyone good, but I thought it was interesting



One thought on “Darwin Campbell – Saigon Evacuation- Post 5

  1. Darwin, I think this is actually a interesting angle. Have you settled on a central theme for your paper? This comparison is revealing.

    Watch your spelling of Saigon. I fixed it for you in the title.

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