Megan Ortmeyer – “LBJ taking the oath” Post 6

This week I did some research on first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.  Jacqueline Kennedy had accompanied her husband to Dallas, Texas, and was present during the inauguration of Lyndon B.  Johnson.

Through research I found an article where Jacqueline Kennedy discusses the assassination taking place and how after President Kennedy was taken to the hospital she did not want to leave.  It discusses her heart-wrenching emotions from the death of her husband, and why she chose not to change out of the blood spattered suit she wore before the inauguration of Lyndon Johnson.

Through other research material I also discovered how Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy met, thus, leading to their marriage and her becoming one of the most beloved first ladies.  Jacqueline Kennedy brought a sense of fashion and style to the White House, thus, inspiring women across the country and the world.  She worked to preserve the history of the United States in the White House and by protecting historical buildings so that we are still able to enjoy such history today.  Also, “her interest in the arts, publicized by press and television, inspired an attention to culture never before evident at a national level” (Black).

It is rather important to know some about Jacqueline Kennedy and her relationship with her husband in order to understand the courage and strength it took for her to maintain her composure while Lyndon Johnson was being sworn into office.  It is also important to know about her because the assassination of President Kennedy not only ended his time as president, but also ended Jacqueline Kennedy’s time as such an influential first lady.

Next week, in order to further my progress with my paper, the interviews with Judge Sarah T. Hughes that I ordered should be in.  This will allow me to learn a lot more about her, her relationship with Lyndon B. Johnson, and the events in her life that led her to be present on Air Force One to give Johnson the oath of office.


Black, Allida. 2009.


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