The End of the Pentagon Protest – Morgan Melton

How did the protest finally end? Did the protestors just walk away peacefully? Most protestors were not very peaceful about their leaving the protest. At 11:30 p.m. the protestors were given a thirty minute warning letting them know that their two day permit expired at midnight and if they chose to stay they would be arrested and sent to jail. The protestors responded in “Hell no we won’t go!” The protestors were then warned again two more times before 11:58 p.m. Two minutes before midnight the protestors were given one last warning.The protestors were even offered public transportation payed for by the justice department. Only 34 of the 208 protestors chose to leave on the buses and avoid arrest.

Right at midnight, closed army trucks that would hold 34 people a piece backed up to the Pentagon. The loading started at 12:05 and was completely done by 12:08. The loading went more peacefully than the protest did. Some of the protestors were carried on to the trucks, but most walked. Some of the protestors even helped others get into the trucks.

A person would think that after two days of protesting they would be exhausted and ready to go home. A large chunk of these protestors still left at this time chose to stand their ground, protest until the very end, and face jail time and fines. I guess to some people it is more important to prove they are fighting for something. I think some people took it a little too far however. People who protested how Jan Rose Kasmir did seemed to prove their point in a much easier and powerful way, rather than spending many hours being uncomfortable, along with spending 30 days in jail with fines to pay later. It was not like this protest was actually going to end the war, it was just letting the government know the people of America were not happy with this horrific war.

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