Cindy H. – Kent State – Anti-government protests

In an article that I found from USA Today, students of Kent State 40 years after the shooting reflected on the incident that occurred. One student, Kassandra Meholick, drew a connection between the shooting in 1970 to anti-government movements during the Iraq war. She also noticed the difference between what had happened at her campus to opinions of the Iraq war. “There’s no strong opposition to it and no strong support for it,” she stated in the article.

It made me think more about why the students were gathered and protesting at Kent State. It wasn’t just that there was an unlikable war but Nixon had went back on his word while he was running for office. Instead of decreasing the war, it expanded. The same article included an overview of Mary Vecchio after the shooting. When the memorial was dedicated in 1990, Vecchio was quoted that the shooting “really destroyed my life”. In regards to the dedication, she said “Big deal. It has nothing to do with my life.” The photo followed her throughout her life and she was criticized heavily for being so young and on a college campus. The article ended with Vecchio stating the main thing she took away from the shooting. “I tell them it shows what can happen if the evildoers get too much power. They can take your freedom away. You could be walking to school, and what happened back then could happen to you.”

The people who protested against the war were protesting against the government’s decision. After 9/11, there have been many decisions made by the government that had led to protests. Although the Iraq war did lead to protests, the question of taxes and new policies implemented because of the loss of the World Trade Center and the hijacked airplanes continue to bring controversy.


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