Olivia W. – Jan Rose Kasmir Blog Post 8

Jan Rose Kasmir and I have came into contact yet again, and like always, I could not hold myself back when asking her questions. Understandably, she took my questions in chunks because it would have probably taken all night if she were to try and answer all of them to the best of her ability.
With our latest communication and my final researching on Marc Riboud I have found the information I will use on him for that specific point of my paper. Kasmir informed me about their relationship which seems to be defined as two people from different places in the world, but both fighting for peace in some way. She also was able to tell me how her and Riboud both went to the march for peace in London in response to the war in the Middle East. Kasmir stated that she called Riboud before the march in 2003 to tell him she was attending, but he was not able to commit to the march. However, just a few days before the event he surprised her saying that he would attend to photograph her and the whole march. He even arranged for a videographer to follow her on that day, but I am unable to find any video support on this on the web. I will keep searching because that would be something very interesting to see Kasmir in the midst of what she lives to do: fight for peace.
In the email Kasmir also clarified that defining her and Riboud’s relationship as close would be stretching it a bit, but they do share similar feelings towards peace in the world. As she stated, Riboud “is a man of peace and he recognizes a kindred spirit.” This is proven by the amount of support he has applied to his photography around the world in addition to his support to Kasmir, herself.
In addition to the email, I was able to find a link to a small article, which Kasmir wrote. It restates much of which she has already told me about; however, it is still very interesting to find all of the websites and groups Kasmir has developed a relationship with, as well as how the internet has helped her grow and expand. One new piece of information that I learned from this article is that Marc Riboud was a member of the French Resistance movement, which helped to fight against Nazis during the Second World War.
Lastly, I realized there are some videos of Riboud. After sifting through the ones in French I found one, I could understand, which included Marc discussing much of his career; in particular his career in relation to a group of photos he took of a city, Leeds, UK, which were never developed. These photos, alone, have nothing to do with my paper, yet listening to Riboud talk about them, and seeing more scenes and objects of what he enjoyed to take pictures of helps me greatly to understand him as an artist and photographer. One aspect of the small documentary, which reached out to me, was one point when many older women of Leeds were sitting down trying to recognize who the people in the photographs were. This made me think of that fact that Mark did not know whom Jan Rose Kasmir was until three decades after the photo was taken. She was not his only subject who he did not know. This proves that he was a photographer; just looking for scenes that spoke to him, and his career blossomed from that. He was not taking photographs solely for money, but he was doing so because he was passionate about his work.

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 5.51.47 PMhttp://www.marcriboud.com/marcriboud/accueil.html


One thought on “Olivia W. – Jan Rose Kasmir Blog Post 8

  1. Oliva,

    Wow, there’s so much compelling content here! This caught my eye:

    “One new piece of information that I learned from this article is that Marc Riboud was a member of the French Resistance movement, which helped to fight against Nazis during the Second World War.”

    Riboud, it seems to me, grew up in the midst of a war, perhaps the most terrible war in human history.

    Great work.

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