Lyndon B. Johnson Taking Oath – Deon P

This week I found information regarding more so the actual time of when Lyndon B. Johnson took the oath as opposed to the reaction of the American citizens reacting to him when he took the oath. One article was describing the process of Johnson being inaugurated and his plans he had for the country. I also found a recording of the actual oath being taken by Johnson and I sort of got a better vibe of how he was feeling at the time just by the way he sounded and was talking.

From the recording of President Johnson I felt that he was still somewhat confused at what had happened at the time and was shook up from the tragedy that had just happened but still was trying to hold everything together for the people around him and because his country needed him. I could also here a bit of unsureness in his voice because he was speaking in a very low tone of voice and his voice was raspy. So overall I believe that he wasn’t sure whether or not he could lead his country and was still shook up from President Kennedy’s assassination but at the same was holding himself together and doing his best to be a leader and do what he had to do for his country. Right from the beginning he got right to work and was trying to find out what he needed to do for his country at the time.

The next had to with what Lyndon B. Johnson had planned for his country and how the promises he made for his country so that he could rebuild it. During his inaugural he vowed to change the country and make sure the justice was served for what had been done to them. He wanted the U.S. to come together as a country and help them be more of a peaceful nation. He did not want hatred among his nation and was going to everything that he could to help better the country. I believe that at this point in time he was ready to lead the United States into being a greater and more powerful nation.

I think these two sources helped me grasp a better aspect of what was going on in the actual picture of Johnson taking the oath and how he reacted to being the new president and the plans he made for his country.


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