Blake Mooney- Shell Shock Blog 9

For this blog I found a document that talks about the battle of Hue, and how it was fought between the marines and the Viet Cong. The author talks about how the VC planned their attack of Hue during Tet on January 31st 1968. The VC knew there were going to be many people in the city, and they knew they could take them by surprise. The VC were even going to be able to use the weather to their advantage, because of the heavy haze, the allies would be unable to perform an air strike. The VC were not fighting this battle on a last minute basis, they had been planning it out for a long while, knew exactly when and where they needed to be, thus giving them an advantage over the US troops.

Hue was a very large city, so obviously the VC knew that attacking Hue would have a huge impact on South Vietnam, especially if they took them by surprise. In this document, the author goes into quite a bit of detail when he talks about the layout of Hue. He mentions that the Perfume River separates the town. The northern side of the town is walled with tall thick block walls, and a wide semi deep mote surrounds the southern side. Since the VC had snuck themselves into the town, these defense mechanisms did more harm than good, trapping people in the city.

During the attack, there were only about 200 US troops inside the city, and the closest base was about 8 miles away. This gave the VC even more time to get the upper hand. Utilizing their advantages, the VC was able to cause substantial damage to the town and people, but this battle was not a short one. Battle of Hue lasted until March 2nd, and many people were killed or injured, troops and civilians. This battle was later called “The Hue Massacre”. This is a great article, very informative and helpful, it gives you a great insight into the battle.



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