Military Action in the March to the Pentagon

It may seem that with the March to the Pentagon that the police and soldiers were the bad people here. I know while reading newspaper articles about this protest that the police may have seemed a bit brutal to the protestors. Before the protest, newspaper articles were released to the public notifying the people that U.S. forbids lawlessness at the Pentagon.

The newspaper article informed the people that the justice department were in charge of thousands of civilian police, military police, paratroopers, and national guardsmen who were working the protest.

The article informed that the permit issued for the protest against the government was given because the government “deeply believes” that “the right of expression are central to our country’s freedom.” However, the permit did lay down ground rules on where and when the protestors can demonstrate and make speeches. In the article it was quoted that “The conditions of this permit are designed to assure the safety and security of our nation’s capital. These are reasonable conditions and we intend to enforce them.”

“A government that is determined to assure freedom of assembly and expression will to tolerate lawless or disorder. This must be understood by those who are coming to Washington this weekend. Let no one be mistaken – the granting of a permit is not a license for unlawful conduct. This a free country, but it is also a law abiding one. We will do whatever is necessary to maintain law and order.” With this being said, I believe it gives the protestors a very fair warning that their actions would result in whatever was necessary to obtain the law and safety, this just happened to be violence at times.

I have not found any evidence at all with Jan Rose Kasmir  taking part in any violent acts in the protest. Jan is a very peaceful woman and I believe to be very smart by making the protesting choices she did to get her message across.

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