On an attempt to pull all of my information together to form a further understanding of what I have uncovered about the photo Jan Rose Kasmir, it is important that I compound all the information gathered so both my audience and I can have a full understanding of where I stand with this picture and what I have not uncovered and yet to uncover

The photo was taken on October 21, 1967 by photographer Marc Riboud. The event known as the pentagon demonstration was the biggest protest against war in its time, with over 100,000 supporters on this specific day. At the time the photo was taken of Jan Rose Kasmir she was 17 years old and saw herself as standing up to something she knew she could change.

Many things have been said about the photo: “…a timeless symbol of non-violence and peace” (Oudiz), “a gesture of love and peace on earth…” (Ganzel),”a gauzy juxtaposition of armed force and flower child innocence” (Selwyn-Holmes), the emotions found within this photo are countless. This photo alone was a large step for the flower power movement taking off only two years prier in, California.

Linking this photo from the Vietnam War to the War on Terror quickly became an easy task after viewing JRK history. After not such an easy life Jan Rose found herself failing at times but, quick after learning from here mistakes in a pursuit to help others not do the same. With the emotional reaction taken from the photo taken in 67’ it makes complete sense to bring this photo to the protest held in 03’ as a reminder of what the war became in the end and what it did to the people. JRK seems to know that she cannot present the innocents of a 17 year old child at the age of 53 but it can show the reflection of the past and present.

Looking through all of my past research my main focus will be on attempting to find information on the photo taken in 03.’ It seems I am lacking the emotions that are formed from viewers and this photo which would give me a hard line for comparison.










Oudiz, Barbara. “American Youth Had a Beautiful Face That Day'” Financial times 31 May 2004: n. pag. ProQuest Central. Web. 16 Oct. 2013.




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