Deon P – JFK Assassination, Lyndon B. Johnson

I find these videos interesting because they are very insightful to what was going on on the day of President John F Kennedy’s assassination.You do not only get the sense of how the nation felt or John F. Kennedy’s family but also the new president Lyndon B. Johnson. One of the videos show LBJ giving a speech to the country, he speaks about how he plans to do his best for the country so that they are strong again and also how he is saddened about the tragedy that has just happened. Similar to my last blog, i get the sense that Lyndon B. Johnson is still dazed by what had just happened and what was going on because he does not only ask for the nations help but also Gods.

In the video the entire nation is deeply saddened by what had just happened and many people are mournful. Millions of people came to show their respects to John F. Kennedy and some people even waited up to 10 hours so they could show homage to their fallen president. The day of the walking mourning thousands of people walked with the president’s casket from the White House to St. Mathews Cathedral. This goes to show how major of a figure John F. Kennedy was to his country, his family, and the people around him. When he was assassinated the whole nation was struck and saddened.

My feelings towards all this is that there should be no question why the United States and the people living under JFK reacted like this. When somebody is so large in your eyes and they control everything you do and the way you live you aren’t going to know what to do when you are without them. I believe that some felt that not only had their president been killed but so had their lives, some people were unsure about Lyndon B. Johnson coming and others also trusted him because he was under the wing of John F. Kennedy. President to his country was almost worshiped like a god to me because he was seen as one of the greatest presidents ever and when he was taken from the United States the American citizens did not know what to do with themselves.

I think that my sources lately have been helpful when it came to me finding out the reactions of the American citizens at that point in time, also I have gotten the reaction of President Lyndon B. Johnson coming into office. Both of them are pretty similar because they both had feelings of grief, shock, mourning. In Johnson’s case he had to react much faster because he had a nation to lead and rebuild and he did a good job at jumping right into his presidency and doing the best he could to help the United States.



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