Alec Presley, Kent State Post 8

Since last week I’ve been focusing more on wrapping up the research and getting started on the actual paper. My goal of contacting Marry Ann Vecchio has unfortunately been delayed yet again.  Hopefully I can get it done before Thanksgiving.

Part of getting started on the actual paper is gathering all the sources I’ve collected so far this semester and making a works sited page. After going through my previous post I checked the syllabus to check if I had enough sources. I didn’t see a specific number, but I did remember that I need three secondary book sources. I’m not sure if any of my sources count, but I think a few of them do. If not then getting some from the library will need to be done ASAP.

In trying to start my paper I realized that I still need more information about the influence and use of my photo. There is the photo copy source that I discussed a few weeks back that was so fuzzy I needed to find it elsewhere. I still need to do that, and probably will look for it on EbscoHost after submitting this.

As of now I have a rough intro a tentative thesis statement. At this point it reads as:

By showing the panic and shock of a fourteen year old girl, the photo by Filo conveys these same emotions that were felt by many Americans after the tragedy occurred.

This is tentative as I said, and will undoubtedly change as I right more of the paper and collect my last few bits of research.

At this point emailing Vecchio, making sure I have three secondary sources, and finding maybe two more small sources is all that remains of the research portion of this project. After that I go into full on writing mode for a couple of weeks.


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