Jan Rose Kasmir Blog Post 9

I have received yet another email from Jan Rose, and it might count as the last one depending on my paper. I know that she is a very busy woman and I do not want to over step my boundaries. I am sure that if I have any more questions or need any more assistance she will be more than willing to aid me during the true construction of my paper. However, for now I will leave her be as I move forward towards compiling all of my information and turning it into an understandable paper.
So, within this past email Kasmir added and developed information that she mentioned in her prior email to me. To begin, she told me that Dateline and other agencies ended up contacting her about her photo to focus upon it during the millennium change, yet as I worked to research this I did not find anything that led me to believe she actually went through with the interviews. My search will continue, yet I have to realize that I have other information I can rely on since I am unaware as to if she actually went through with the meetings.
Further exploring within that I learned that Kasmir and her daughter were flown in 1997 to Belgium in order to meet with Marc Riboud at a Magnum Exhibit at the Musée de la Photographie Charleroi. This helps me to realize that the picture of Jan Rose Kasmir that Marc Riboud took is not only iconic to America, but iconic to France too. Clearly, Riboud is a French photographer and was at one point in charge of Magnum Photos. Nevertheless, that fact that France was willing to accommodate Kasmir and her daughter during the showing of her photo is priceless. Kasmir even said that when they arrived in Belgium her photo was “projected onto the building about two stories high.” Sadly, she has no pictures that the museum took from that trip, but no one can say she didn’t try contacting the museum about them. Disappointingly, she has not had any luck in acquiring those photos.
Within the email she reiterated the fact that she plans on returning to school to become a Rabbi as well as keep up the work on her social organization titled “Mensches in the Trenches,” which I follow on facebook. This organization supports people who run soup kitchens and free clinics through many different medias. One way is through the use of videos.
In the end, I have much to sift through and begin the true writing process. Kasmir ended her email with a strong statement: “At 63 I am still that 17 year old who wants to save the world. I do believe that ordinary people can make extraordinary differences.” This means a lot coming from the peaceful woman Jan Rose Kasmir is.
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