After vigorous research it has become apparent that finding reactions to the anti-war protest in the UK 2003. It was shocking for a while to find little to no opinion on her showing to this protest compared to the protest in the 60s but; if you look at our war now compared to the war then the reason to be involved in a war seems clear after 2001.

At this point I want to start building my analysis of these photos and what connect them.

The War on Terror and the Vietnam War where two completely different fights but, Marc Riboud was able to capture 2 photo of Jan Rose Kasmir that spoke for themselves. The photo taken in 1967 change many observers view of the war. There is no caption needed for this photo Jan Rose Kasmir because it says such a great deal on its own. This photo alone shows America to be hypocrites and directly shows what is happening in Vietnam at the time. A photo with American solders holding rifles with bayonets strapped to the front in front of a girls face that is 17 years old with nothing but a flower in hand. This photo became a legacy as soon as it was seen by the public. These men looking off with the thousand mile stare, with little care or concern of the girls display of affection. Now in post-Vietnam it is easy to connect the photo from 67’ with all the emotions that where found throughout the time in Vietnam.

The War on Terror has a great connection with this photo in many ways this starting from September 11, 2001; this being with the emotions of the American people and the mission pursued. Peace is seen in one piece of the photo but then in another part terror.



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