Darwin Campbell Saigon Evacuation post 7

This week I am focusing on the difference in reactions between Iraq and Vietnam.  My intent was to find, or at least start the process of comparison between the fear, shock, and mass panic of Vietnam, and see if that is the same or a different reaction was present in Iraq.

The first article I came across just struck me as odd, so I bit, and started reading.  It is an assessment of a VA report on the casualties of the Gulf War.  The article states that more individuals have died in the Gulf War than in Vietnam.  I delved into the piece, reading mainly raising questions.  I read the original data information from the VA, and began to understand more.  Part of the issue makes more sense, the amount of deaths were measured since 1990.  So depending on your idea of how the Gulf and Vietnam wars are measured in time can give slightly different results.

the article I read is definitely using the data in a slight falsehood in my opinion, as the data is for the Gulf in total, whereas the article states just Iraq, and leads one to believe just the Iraq war since early 2000.  On the other hand I do find the information interesting.  And even more interesting is the difficulty in finding the original VA source.  The fact that this information is hidden says something is in the air.

One of the biggest differences that I myself as a veteran can vouch for, is the difference in the way the soldiers are treated.  Although there are some that disapprove of us, and speak their minds openly, generally other civilians stand up and take care of the basher themselves, rather than the military person having to defend themselves.  Even those that are completely opposed to the war, still for the most part support those that are there.  My issue is that if they don’t support our cause, then they don’t support us in actuality, but that is a different issue.  Whereas the Vietnam veterans came home to be treated unfairly.




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