Deon Pettigrew- United States Life

This week I chose not to focus that much on the whole John F. Kennnedy assassination and how the United States reacted towards it and dealt with it but more so on the Vietnam War itself during this time and how it affected the United States. I wanted to look into many different aspects regarding this, for example how the U.S. economy was affected, family life back home, and also everyday how life of an American citizen was.

The economy during the Vietnam War seemed to have been very imbalanced. Most of the businesses that were used to benefit the American citizens were being used to help out the military soldiers that were fighting in the war. I would imagine that this would cause the every day life of a citizen to be very difficult because it made it harder for them to get resources they needed for themselves at home. Because the U.S. citizens couldn’t have been happy with the war and probably added even more negative feelings towards it but also some people may have been understanding of the situation knowing that it was going towards a cause and was helping their loved ones who were fighting for their country. Everything that was being produced in the United States became a necessity for all the soldiers overseas, that would also mean that the Americans working back home had to work twice as hard to produce more things. For example, farmers had to put in extra work so that there would be a boost in agriculture and factory workers were working 24/7 to help benefit the war. The women of the households were even stepping into the working world so they could everything they could to support their family and their household. It seemed as if life during the Vietnam War was very stressful for an average american and everyone’s job was do everything that they could to help benefit the soldiers that were fighting for their country.

All my post have majority been about the assasssination of John F. Kennedy and background about that, I tried to change things up this week and look for information regarding other things that were going on during this point in time and that were also affecting the United States. My main focus is still on the JFk and Lyndon B. Johnson’s coming into office so that it can relate to my overall portion of the project.


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