Alec Presley, Kent State Post 9

Well, it may have taken longer than I would have hoped, but I emailed Marry Ann Vecchio, and asked if she would be available for an interview. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from back her yet. I’m going to remain hopeful, but if I still haven’t heard back by this time next week, then I’m just accepting the fact that I will have to do the paper without an interview from Vecchio. If I do hear back from her after next week, it will probably be too late to do anything besides asking questions over email. Hopefully she doesn’t have the same policy as Alan Canfora in that case. If it doesn’t work out I’ll defiantly be disappointed, but it won’t hurt the paper too badly, as I already have two other interview, including the photographer himself.

The other goal I set for myself was to find the “Anti-Vietnam Pieta” piece on Ebsco. In this regard I failed completely. After checking to see how much the book would cost (like $40) I decided to try reading the article again. It took some time, but the cut off was just small enough that I could use context clues to fill in the missing spots. As I’ve said, this will probably be my primary source, since it’s about the exact same thing that my paper is about.

I have also determined that at least three of my sources are indeed secondary, so given the above update, I think it is safe to say my research should be done. Odds are I will be writing my paper and I’ll need to look up some minor piece of information that wasn’t in any of my sources so far, but this next week will be focused exclusively on working on the paper itself. Since next week will be my last blog post, the focus will be entirely on what I’ve written.

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