Jan Rose Kasmir

While trying to find more background information on how this photograph came to be, I found an interesting take on the photograph. In this article it describes how clear they believe the concepts in this picture were.

In the article it talks about how the soldiers are following orders and maintaining a strong formation while a young woman stands defiantly against the intimation and threat of the weapons clearly aimed in her direction. The woman alone is not the threat towards them it was the fact she had a flower and was so “blank” in her route to the soldiers.

“There is a picture of good and evil in this image. The woman is surrounded by light. She is dressed brightly and is holding the flower, the flower being a very symbolic object in relation to the idea of peace and peace on Earth. Almost the entire left side of the image is dark, the soldiers’ guns and their strength in numbers shows signs of confrontation. However, the soldiers’ strength in weapons and numbers shows signs of weakness when confronted with this woman. There is a clear juxtaposition of the flower being held against the gun: the power of the gun against the fragility of the flower could suggest an idea of peace, the flower – peace, being ever stronger than the gun – war.”

In my research so far this this is the most detailed description I have found about what someone truly thinks about this picture. I believe this could be interpreted a few different ways. If the we did not know what Jan Rose Kasmir was trying to represent that day at the protest, this would still be a very powerful picture. No matter how any one person interprets the picture it still posses a powerful message. Marc Riboud captured an inspiring moment in time.



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